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As Register Nurse, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Quantum Healing Practitioner ( QHHT), I love working to change thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and habits.

Mae Fox

Title/Tagline--Create an A-Mae-Zing life.

Company--A-Mae-Zing Mind Body Soul Center

Chapter Title Removing the Sword

Phone 585-880-6012



Heart & Soul

Summit Audio(s)

My Resilience Breakthrough - How I Changed My Mind and Healed

About Me

Mae Fox is a Registered Nurse, hypnotist, energy healer, and wellness coach based in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Her passion for self-healing, coupled with her innate ability to help others move from self-judgement to self-empowerment, led her to create A-Mae-Zing Mind Body Soul Center. There, her clients find a safe, sacred space in which they can heal past wounds and discover their individual paths to Wholeness. Mae is a speaker on Resilience for the medical community and public, and a board member of both the Professional Women of the Finger Lakes and Business Improvement Development for City of Canandaigua.

My Mission is:

Helping expand the mind-heal the body- and tend to the soul of my clients.

How I serve my clients:

I specialize in quickly releasing blocks and limiting patterns that prevent my clients from living the life they desire and deserve -now.

Why to work with me:

My clients say they gain a larger perspective. Their bodies feel more balanced and they get in touch with their purpose. Bringing in more joy and happiness into their lives.

My favorite quote:

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” Buddha

The reason I authored/co-authored this book:

Sharing in creating this book is an honor. Living from the heart is a path to finding more joy and happiness in life. I spent over a decade afraid of my heart. The grayness of everyday felt safe, while a part of me sat broken and heavy. When I decided to feel again my heart opened and the color of life began to flow. If I can heal then anyone can. That is why I am part of this book.

Things I love:

My family. My home. What I do and my clients. and all of its facets.

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