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Kelly Lane

I have always been able to easily connect with and feel the energy of others. It wasn't until the early 2000s that I connected with the practice of Reiki. I came to it as a way to support my own healing and spiritual growth; it has had a profound impact on my life in ways that I could have never imagined. Regular sessions aided me in the release of self-limiting patterns. That transformation led to deeper connections with my emotions, intuition, and self-worth.

The impact was so profound that in 2018 I became a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui/Holy Fire(c) lineage so that I could support others in their own healing and transformation. As with everything in my life, I approach my Reiki practice with a student's curiosity and a desire to bring the most effective energy healing modalities to my clients.

I am particularly passionate about Reiki as a compliment to inner work/counseling, as it supports the release of thinking that no longer serves, promotes the integration of new learnings about the self, and activates the parasympathetic system supporting lasting emotional regulation.

I feel honored to be able to offer individual sessions, guided energy meditations, and Level 1, 2, and Master/Teacher classes. 

Reiki Services by Kelly

60 minute session - $75


Ease into profound relaxation as your energy flow is assessed, stagnant energy cleared, and divine energy channeled in. Energy flows through the practitioner’s hands through light touch and non-touch methods to improve flow and restore balance. Promotes deep relaxation, activates intrinsic healing capabilities, and connection to the higher Self.

Guided Energy Meditation

Relax and experience Reiki and the benefits associated with balanced energy flow without hands-on methods. Be guided into deep relaxation, a deeper connection to the self, and allow important important healing to occur. For the best experience, individuals should be comfortable with structured and unstructured meditation.

Guided energy meditations can be combined with hands on energy work within a 60 minute session. Add an additional 30 minute meditation to a 60 minute session for $30. 

To book an appointment online:


Please reach out to Kelly if you're interested in Level 1, Level 2, or Master/Teacher class schedules and pricing. 

For interest in classes email Kelly at

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