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Thompson Park Vortex

Sunday October 21, 2018

Mae Fox and Myra Vining will host a “ Day Trippin’ Adventure ”

To the historic Thompson Park in Watertown, NY. 

The park was designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead, a well know landscape architect in the early 1900s. Since its creation the park has been associated with a variety of paranormal events. In the 1930s, reports surfaced of “odd sensations” near one particular hill, along with sightings of mist-like apparitions and unexplained noises. However, Thompson Park is best known for its so-called vortex, a portal or space time disturbance that exists between the park’s zoo and golf course. People have been seen vanishing and reappearing hours later in a different location in the park. Some that have disappeared and returned claim to have traveled to another time or dimension. WARNING: legend has it, that some have never returned!


We will car pool from A-Mae-Zing parking lot at 9:00AM. Arrive in Watertown around 11:30 and head for B-Hats Curry House for lunch. After we’ll go to Thompson Park and explore the portal area and “Area 51” sign. At 3:00 we will leave the park (anyone who disappears in the vortex will have to find their own way home when they reappear) and stop at Burchville Cider Mill for cider and snacks for the ride home. Return to Canandaigua around or before 6 pm.

For more information and to reserve your seat

call or text

Myra from Day Trippin’ Light Adventures @ (716) 863-7385

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