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Meet the Practitioners

Chelsea Borowski LMT

I graduated from Finger Lakes Community College in 2011 with an Associates in Therapeutic Massage and Integrated Health Care. What started as a part-time career quickly lit a passion for helping others and evolved into a path of studying holistic health. I have spent the last several years devoted to furthering my understanding of the body and a variety of healing modalities to further provide for my clients.

I have developed a skill for finding where the body is holding stress and releasing these tension with a nonaggressive approach. My practice combines Swedish techniques to sooth the spirit with Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy to release deep-rooted muscle tension. I incorporate light stretching, acupressure, and energy balancing from my background in Shiatsu and Reiki. 

This combination allows the nervous system to let down its guard and fully let go of the physical and energetic blocks. 

We spend much of our daily life in fight or flight- where our sympathetic nervous system keeps us on the go.  My goal is to help my clients drift into the parasympathetic state and provide a tranquil experience as the Mind Body and Soul release built up stress and emotions. 

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Jody Henry L.Ac 

About me…

I was first introduced into the healing arts with Reiki in 1997. Around this time, I started using essential oils, herbs and whole foods as a means to take charge my health and the health of my family. My love for healing lead me to FLCC where I studied and graduated with an associate degree in Therapeutic Massage and Alternative Therapies in 2009.  It was here that I was introduced to foundations of traditional Chinese medicine, and fell in love with Shiatsu, a Japanese style of massage. My desire to understand oriental medicine and my adventurous nature inspired me to continue my education and I graduated from Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2016 with a Master degree in the Science of Acupuncture. During all of this time, I raised 3 wonderful children and spent as much time as possible being in and connecting with nature, which I find to be the greatest healer.  

Today I am grateful to be part of A-Mae-Zing Mind Body Soul Center in Canandaigua.  I combine the experience of massage therapy with the knowledge of Chinese medicine and essential oils to promote health and wellbeing.  I believe that healing on an individual basis aids in the healing of our planet as a whole.

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Hello! A bit about me. 

After the loss of my twin (Jean) at the age of 17, healing was the last thing I thought could happen.10 years of nightmares, fear based thinking, and creating a habits to numb myself left me in place of grayness. At this point I knew I needed to do something to change. To heal. I was ready to feel something. In retrospect, the time spent afraid to feel pain prevented me from feeling joy as well.   

My grief counsel introduced me to an Energy Healer. This connection was life changing. Self healing began. I learned many methods including : Reiki, Hands of Light, Intuitive Healing and Sound Healing, Color Therapy, Affirmations and I became a Registered Nurse. With each new modality I grew stronger. Eventually, I began to work and support others on their journey of healing. 

l bring15 years of nursing skills to my  Hypnosis/Healing practice. The medical knowledge I have gained from obtaining a Bachelors degree in the Science of Nursing is valuable, but applying the concepts in hospitals, home care, and with my clients has been priceless. 

I believe there is room in our health and healing plan for both approaches to work together. My back ground and experience allows for a greater understanding and the ability to see the whole picture of my client’s circumstance.

I know there are many ways to heal, but my passion is teaching self-healing. 

Our thoughts are powerful. Witnessing my hospital patients who had a positive outlook regardless of the diagnosis lead me into researching the benefits of positive thinking. Eventually, I learned about Hypnosis. The ability to use our most powerful tool-the mind- is incredible. It allows for deep release and amazing transformation. Often, I combine energy healing with hypnosis to move my clients into a healthier way of thinking, behaving, believing, and feeling. 

When you are ready to move past feelings of hopelessness, negative thinking, wanting to change a behavior but  keep falling back into the same old habits, I am here. Perspective is key. It's the strongest part of our foundation when creating a happy life. Guiding my clients into a life with more joy and less pain-is my mission. That is why I am a National Guild Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Energy Healer.

I created A-Mae-Zing Mind Body Soul Center to bring our community the opportunity to experience true holistic healing. 

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