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Posted on May 19, 2019 at 4:50 PM


Getting emotions back in motion.

Have you ever noticed the word motion is in emotion? Motion implies there is movement. I believe our emotions are energy. This energy creates feelings. Many clients come to me asking to feel. They report a space deep inside where pain exists…but it is untouchable. The heaviness is noticed, and they’re tired of carrying it around. When the awareness of deep seated pain is uncomfortable, I get excited. This means a person is in a place I call “shifting”. Shifting is when an old perspective ( belief/pattern) is no longer serving us and we are ready to Deal-Feel-Heal.

There a many ways to get the energy moving. Each of us will find our own path. Later, I will share 3 useful tips to help you Navigate the “DHF” zone. Remember, the journey itself is the healing. I am fully aware of this when I navigate my clients on their unique paths. Not one is the same. However, there are similarities. First, let discuss emotions a bit.

It is common to create patterns where emotions get repressed so frequently that it becomes automatic, a subconscious habit to not feel resulting in what may be called blocks or numbness. Every time it happens automatically, the behavior is reinforcing the pattern more deeply. 

Imagine you are a child whose parents are unpredictable. You grow up being hyper-aware of how they are feeling. Are they calm or over-reactive? Do you need to clam up, or can you relax? Perhaps when you express an emotion of sadness or anger, you are immediately told, “Don’t be so sensitive," or, “ Stop crying or I will give you something to cry about.”

A response may be to push those feelings down believing that feelings are not to be shared. When the urge to cry arises, the mind stops the movement and shoves in deep into the body so it is not expressed. Seeding a thought-it is safer to hide emotions then to let it be released. Spending years repeating this, it becomes more than a behavior; it grows into a belief, and is automatic, so much so that you may not cry at all.

Have you ever felt stuck, or caught in a way of thinking which creates a feeling that you can’t shake?

Maybe you haven't cried for years.

I spent many years in a space of numbness, not allowing my tears to flow.

Actually, this was a belief and pattern of mine.

Eventually a sense of confinement was overwhelming. Life was gray. I did not want to live like that. Life seemed as if it was passing me by. A nudge or desire for change came from a knowing that it was time, time to grow, but I felt held back. Even though I was ready to relearn how to allow the movement of my emotions. A realization revealed itself- I completely lost confidence in myself to handle the flow of them. It had been so many years I forced pain, sadness and fear down now I knew they needed to be seen. This was scarry. However the need for movement/healing was stronger then the fear of feeling. 

I say this often, but it is certainly true for me:

When I became uncomfortable in the numbness of feeling little to nothing- I knew it was time for change.

Change is MOVEMENT! Changing my thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and habits- this is what created the space to move into the DEAL-FEEL-HEAL (DFH) zone.

I have learned many things along my 47 year journey. Here are 3 things that would been been helpful as I was walking toward DFH zone: 

Here we go, 3 Tips to shift from holding emotion into the freedom of releasing it. 

1-Uncomfortable asking for help…. do it anyway. 

Working with someone else can create clarity, helping you to understand what patterns you are ready to change. When we look at our own selves, we see everything, the past experiences, the present fears and situations, our future dreams and concerns. It can be so entwined that there is little ability to separate and compartmentalize patterns. 

I explain to my clients that I am excellent at what I do because I don't know every fiber of your tapestry of life-I can clearly see those patterns. Asking for help is a great way to begin to shine light on areas of opportunity or growth, ultimately releasing stagnant emotions. 

2-Patience- You are healing.

It didn't take a week to get you here, and won’t take a mere week to get you out.

When you are in the mode of Dealing-Feeling-Healing, it takes time. Explore different avenues.

Hypnosis, Reiki, regression, wellness/spiritual coaching and many other techniques are all in my tool box. Different approaches help my clients engage and release along each step of their processes. I know how to combine or select the most effective tools to keep movement forward. What works for your friend, may not work for you. Be patient with your journey; it is a path you will cherish in the future. 

3- Celebrate- Look at how far you have come.

When you are moving into the Deal-Feel-Heal zone, understand it is because you have transitioned through difficult times and are opening to the healing that piece. This is a space to celebrate!!! I am so excited for each and every client as they learn and explore parts of who they are. Perhaps parts which have been forgotten or maybe some that are newly discovered. It is always wonderful! Celebrate your strength, courage and growth. 

Healing is a journey of movement. Getting emotions moving is healing. We are built for this. Otherwise, we would have no emotions. It would not be uncomfortable holding and stuffing them down deep inside our bodies. There would be no yearning for feeling good, safe and comfortable. WE DESIRE HEALING. 

Quick way to remember- (A B C)

Ask for help.

Become patient with yourself. After all you were doing your best at the time.

Celebrate your journey-past present and future!


Written from my heart,


Mae Fox RN, BSN, CCH

Mae Fox is a published Author, Registered Nurse and the founder of A-Mae-Zing Mind Body Soul. She uncovered her passion for healing while finding her way back to wholeness. Mae guides and supports her clients by using many skills she found successful for herself. Integrating her medical expertise with energy healing and hypnosis to bring a true holistic approach. She specializes in quickly releasing blocks which prevent her clients from living the life they desire and deserve. Mae holds a Bachelor's degree in nursing, certifications as a consulting hypnotist, wellness coach, and energy healer. She co-authored an Amazon Best Selling book ( Heart & Soul Living a Love-Filled, Spirit-Guided, Consciously-Created Life). She is wife and a mother. Mae sits on several boards and committees within her community.


Categories: Soul Tending

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