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What is a "Journey"?

Posted on December 21, 2016 at 6:00 AM

“Spiritual Journey”

Spiritual Journey: What is Spiritual Journey? A Spiritual Journey is undertaken for various reasons including a rite of passage ceremony known as a Vision Quest, help and guidance from the spirit world, Spiritual Healing, inner exploration, personal growth and direction along the path of life. A spiritual journey, or Spirit Journey is often undertaken by a Medicine Man or Shaman in order to communicate with the spirit world. The shaman will undertake a spiritual journey or guide others to do so. They provided a safe space for this process. Part of the preparation the shaman does is for the purpose of protecting the journeyer. Every spiritual journey is a quest, a search for help and answers. The shaman can guide a group of people through a journey with the intention of receiving guidance and connection with spirit, spirit guides, and loved ones.

I was honored to have the opportunity to spend a weekend learning how to journey. I had no idea what to expect. After the introductions, the Shaman (Cecile Carson) told us about her path and how she became a shaman. Each participant was then asked to share their reason for attending. I explained, I was there to explore other ways of healing and to learn about myself. I also stated my interest in learning more about the native american culture. After everyone shared we smudged (this topic was discussed in the November newsletter) and began the journey.

The group was directed to get comfortable on the floor with a blanket and pillow. Cecile guided us through a meditation. We continued to go in and out of mediations throughout the 2 day workshop. Each time, I went into a state of relaxation and focus. I was surprised at what I discovered.

The process helped me to create paths to places referred to as the “upper world and “lower world”. Much to my relief neither realm was what I expected. For me, the term “lower” world created a fear that I was going to be guided to hell or something like that. As I am sure some of you readers are thinking! Nope…that’s not what I experienced. The paths allowed my awareness to gather guidance from many places and things.

This concept may seem very odd, to say least, but here is my take on that thought:

We are only limited by our perception. When I allow myself to be open-to believe in the possibility that life is much more then what I see. Then I find the magic in every day living. Things are more meaningful. I am more tolerant.


Categories: Soul Tending

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