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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques is helpful for many reasons. My clients feel healing begin as soon as they register for the package. Most choose the "Heart Healing Package." 

What many are searching for is a greater understanding of life. Some want answers to life's questions. Physical healing and understanding of illness is another reason people work with me.Why go through life with questions if you can get them answered?


Why does finding your answers matter? When there is something going on in your life that doesn't make sense - we feel that life is happening to us. In order to remember we are all here for a reason, we need our questions answered. My clients get that. They learn things about their life that help them to move forward with a greater sense of purpose.This awareness allows life to makes more sense.


Often, they will say " I feel lighter". Life tends to bring forward emotions of being stuck. That heaviness can bring our vibration down and create weight. The human emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies are all effected by this. In our session this weight gets lifted and released. 


There is a noticeable change. I call it a shift. As I mentioned before, this can begin at the moment the registration takes place. Those who are coming for anxiety report they felt better even before the session. This healing grows as we continue to work to integrate the information. 


What questions are asked? The topics are endless. Here are some examples;


Death-Why did I get into that accident and not die? What happens after we die? Is my loved one ok?

Illness- What is this stomach pain about and how can I heal it? What food should I eat?

Relationship- Why do I feel so different from everyone in my family? Will I get married? 


Career- What will I do in the future? What is the best career path for me?

Education- What college should I go to? Should I take a certification course for Yoga? 

Paranormal- Why do I see shapes at night? What is the dream about Fox's for? How can I grow my intuition?

Life- What is my purpose? Am a volunteer? How does the universe work?


Any question that will help you move forward in life. No question is too small or too big.

To learn more and set up your free discovery call - send an email-through the contact tab.

Love and light! 

Mae Fox

What is a "Journey"?

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“Spiritual Journey”

Spiritual Journey: What is Spiritual Journey? A Spiritual Journey is undertaken for various reasons including a rite of passage ceremony known as a Vision Quest, help and guidance from the spirit world, Spiritual Healing, inner exploration, personal growth and direction along the path of life. A spiritual journey, or Spirit Journey is often undertaken by a Medicine Man or Shaman in order to communicate with the spirit world. The shaman will undertake a spiritual journey or guide others to do so. They provided a safe space for this process. Part of the preparation the shaman does is for the purpose of protecting the journeyer. Every spiritual journey is a quest, a search for help and answers. The shaman can guide a group of people through a journey with the intention of receiving guidance and connection with spirit, spirit guides, and loved ones.

I was honored to have the opportunity to spend a weekend learning how to journey. I had no idea what to expect. After the introductions, the Shaman (Cecile Carson) told us about her path and how she became a shaman. Each participant was then asked to share their reason for attending. I explained, I was there to explore other ways of healing and to learn about myself. I also stated my interest in learning more about the native american culture. After everyone shared we smudged (this topic was discussed in the November newsletter) and began the journey.

The group was directed to get comfortable on the floor with a blanket and pillow. Cecile guided us through a meditation. We continued to go in and out of mediations throughout the 2 day workshop. Each time, I went into a state of relaxation and focus. I was surprised at what I discovered.

The process helped me to create paths to places referred to as the “upper world and “lower world”. Much to my relief neither realm was what I expected. For me, the term “lower” world created a fear that I was going to be guided to hell or something like that. As I am sure some of you readers are thinking! Nope…that’s not what I experienced. The paths allowed my awareness to gather guidance from many places and things.

This concept may seem very odd, to say least, but here is my take on that thought:

We are only limited by our perception. When I allow myself to be open-to believe in the possibility that life is much more then what I see. Then I find the magic in every day living. Things are more meaningful. I am more tolerant.


Feng Shui...Feng what?

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Many of my followers are asking-  What the heck is Feng Shui and why should I use it?

This answers the what

It is an Eastern theory on the ways of  placement. Properly placing objects in certain locations promotes healthy energy in your home. Feng Shui, literally meaning “wind and water,” is a traditional Chinese concept linking the destiny of man to his environment. It aims to ensure that people live in harmony with their surroundings. The Chinese have a deep belief in Chi, and it is incorporated into many aspects of their life. A-Mae-Zing Mind Body Soul Center is located in an old firehouse built in 1800s. I believe in order to create the proper setting and healing energies within the space, it needs to be  cleansed, reenrgized and tended to, which I do in many ways ( I will blog on more in the future).

Here is the why

Life is crazy. Why not use all the tools we have available to make it easier.   Enough said.....My answer is Why Not????

A quick introduction to the 3 Power Principals.

1) Chi

Chi is energy. That is constantly moving and changing the life force-making us feel either good or bad in a certain spaces. Chi can accumulate in  objects in your home or office. The chi flows in through the doors and out through the windows. The goal of Feng Shui is to make improvements (or "cures") to keep the chi flowing smoothly. Guiding the energy gently throughout your environment rather than running straight through it. Chi can have a negative effect on your surroundings when it gets stuck or blocked.

2) The Five Elements

The Five Elements is the collective name (also used in Native American tradition and healing) to describe the colors, shapes, and textures around you. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood are the names of each element. Each is distinguished by it"s shape, colors, and set of attributes. Feng Shui improvements for homes and offices balance all of these Elements in your environment.


Fire- shape is triangle- color association Red, Orange and Purple, promotes Passion and Emotion

Earth -shape is square- color association Brown and Yellow, promotes Grounding and Stability

Metal- shape is Circle - color association White and Metallic, promotes Strength and Independence

Water -shape is Curvy -color association Black and Blue, promotes Relaxation and  Inspiration

Wood -shape is Rectangle -color association Green and Teal, promotes Growth and Expansion

3) The Bagua

The Bagua is the chart used to map the areas of a home or office and determine placement of objects and colors that represent the Five Elements. A more modern approach to Feng Shui uses a grid-shaped chart to map 9 areas of your life :

  • Power/Wealth/Abundance
  • Fame/Future/Reputation
  • Love/Relationships/Marriage
  • Creativity/Children/Legacy
  • Compassion/Travel/Helpful People
  • Self/Career/Work
  • Knowledge/Wisdom/Harmony
  • Family/Health/Community
  • Well-Being/Balance


That is my quick and easy intro to Feng Shui. You can read more at www.fengshuiforreallife.com. 

******This past spring I was fortunate enough to meet Bryce Kennedy Master Feng Shui Pracitioner during a workshop I attended in NYC. He agreed to come and evauate the building and help me make changes according to the feng shui tradition. We are creating a 2-day work shop for the new year. Very exciting.