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Meet Mae

 A-Mae-Zing life after loss

Deep down I missed that happy joyful person I once was. There were moments when I didn't even know how I became who I was. I had no purpose. The heavey feeling in my stomach took over and I lost touch with any sense of joy. I was unable to feel any emotion in its fullness because if I did the pain might show up. Everyday life seemed gray. I didn't even notice color any more. Many days were about getting through the motions/tasks/commitments-there was no passion.

When you experienced loss something flipped in you like it did in me. I lost someone very dear to my heart. For many years I was afraid to feel because I wasn't sure how deep my pain would take me. Those years took more then time; they took my zest for life. Nothing was quite as fun, or as sweet or as colorful. In order to feel good and joyful, I would be risking feeling the sadness. The thought that I might fall into a gapping hole of unknown was my motivation to stay numb. Eventually, I created so much grayness in my life I could't see the beauty in everday living. The spark in me was dimmed. I  was lost in my colorless life. Locked up. I created a cold stagnant gray prison of fear. The day my twin sister died was the day that I shut down. 

I knew something needed to change and it did when I made the choice to start living again.

Now you are ready for change. 

The problem is you don't know where to begin. I will show you. And something will unlock in you like it did in me. With this process , you will find yourself in a new place-emotionally, mentally,physically, and spiritually. It has allowed me to come alive. The numbness has been replaced with excitement.

Heart Healing Hypnosis - is a process I have created to teach you how  to  feel joy and excitement about life. You will love, laugh, and even trust easier.

Through this program you will find that part of you where you are strong and loving. Not only for yourself but for others as well. You are a powerful soul. I  show you how to connect the dots -so life makes sense. You feel a purpose for being here. Not only will you feel lighter but you will look in the mirror and recognize yourself.

Heart Healing Hypnosis Package ( 4 sessions including QHHT)

Session 1- Quantum Healing hypnosis session. (5-6 hours)

Session 2- 1 hour review  and hypnosis session to continue healing for your Mind.( Skype or  in person)

Session 3- 1 hour session hypnosis - Body

Session 4- 1 hour session hypnosis. Spirit

(**Plus 4 guided meditations and a Heart Healing Workbook)

Call or email to set up your 15 min Information session.