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Healing packages - 


Wonder why you feel alone with so many people in your life? 

Do you spend time worrying about what bad thing will happen next?

Have you lost that zest for life and feel like your spark has been extinguished ?

You haven't cried in a long time, because you don't go there anymore ? 

You are ready for change. You know your heart needs to be healed but you don't know how or where to start. 

I created these packages for you. I was there. I know what it feels like. They will get you on your way.

I work with you to solve your problems-

QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis 

 (5 hour private session)  - call 585-880-6012  or send message for details.

Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing hypnosis. 

What Are the Benefits ?

Benefits can be measured in terms of life-satisfaction, emotional healing, and increased spiritual awareness. Changes can occur in your perception of time. Time becomes your friend, as you begin to look forward to each day, solidly anchored in the present moment. Clients sometimes report a loss of the fear of death or dying, especially if that was an issue.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a way of using a technique that was pioneered by Dolores Cannon (1931-2014) about 45 years ago.

QHHT takes you to “the most appropriate time and place” to address your questions, concerns, and health issues in this life. But this way of doing hypnosis opens the door to much more. My clients go to future lives, lives lived on other planets, parallel lives, and life in between lives, where they experience healing through frequency of light and sound.

QHHT allows you to take a “time out” from everyday life. It gives you a chance to relax. Mae navigates you through the process as your advocate. Her expertise in this process is her true talent and gift. She will work on your behalf to get complete answers. The goal is to connect with your higher self to heal your mind, body, and soul as deeply as you allow. All sessions are recorded and emailed so you can listen as needed.

Heart Healing Hypnosis Package ( 4 sessions including QHHT)

Session 1- Quantum Healing hypnosis session. (5-6 hours)

Session 2- 1 hour review  and hypnosis session to continue healing for your Mind.( Skype or  in person)

Session 3- 1 hour session hypnosis - Body

Session 4- 1 hour session hypnosis. Spirit

(**Plus 4 guided meditations and a Heart Healing Workbook)

Call or email to set up your 15 min Information session.

Resilience after Loss ( 8 Week Course) -( finding purpose and joy after loss)

Move out of the gray place you are stuck in. 

Its time to Live your life- even if it is for the first time.

You feel alone- I did too. But I know the way out.

Go to right and send an email to set up your free Information session.


          More Healing Packages

Email to learn more

I work with many clients who are tired of being afraid to speak. Whether it is to a crowd or your loved one, expressing yourself 

Standing in Your Truth ( Moving past your fear of Speaking) 

Session 1- Finding the blocks ( 1-2 hour healing session)

Session 2- Empowerment (1-2 hour Hypnosis Session)

Session 3- Alignment ( 2 hour  Hypnosis/healing session)

Mindset - Align your words with Vibration ( Manifest with intention)

Session 1- Goal Creating (1-2 hour session)

Session 2- Awareness of your words ( 1-2 hour session-integration hypnosis)

Session 3- Mindset shifting ( 1-2 Hour session -hypnosis)

Session 4- Alignment ( 2 hour session- balance energy/hypnosis)


Message from Mae:

     "I believe in the power of the mind. I can fix your problem. You are worth investing in."

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I admit I was skeptical, not sure if this time together was really going to ‘work’. I now regard it as some of the best time I’ve spent on myself, and am grateful to Mae for her expertise and talent.  She has so much to offer all of us." Ellen P.

If you're on the fence, don't hestitate - try it, and you'll enjoy the dividends of her gift for the rest of your life - physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Thanks for expanding my world in all the best ways!" Elizabeth S.